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The big yellow school bus rounded the corner this morning. Was I ever excited! I wasn’t excited
because the neighborhood would suddenly become silent; rather, I was excited for the young girls
and boys whose faces glowed with anticipation of another school year.

My neighborhood is full of children and they travel in clusters as they walk to
the bus stop. If you want a real education, just spend time watching and
listening to them as they pass by. They giggle and talk… a lot, sometimes they
bat each other on the back, and this morning’s conversation was about which
students (these were elementary kids) were “seniors” this year. I couldn’t help
but suppress a laugh!

I get excited about the start of school because their teachers are preparing them to become our next
generation of community leaders. If all goes well, the children will learn new skills, graduate from
one grade level to another, and one day, we will share the joy of their accomplishments.
Like our young students, mature adults prepare for a particular task or season. Where we
sometimes fall short is that we forever remain infants in our faith journey. We spend time as youth
learning about our faith…and then we stop learning because we feel it is no longer necessary.
Jesus called his chosen twelve, disciples, which means “a student of a teacher.” Later, he began
calling them apostles, which means, “an important Christian teacher.” There was a reason for this
shift – time, education, practice, and experience (formation) helped them mature to the point that
they could now teach others about Christianity and Jesus.

The yellow school bus is a stark reminder that God wants us to not only be his disciples, but he
wants us to mature to the point that we can “graduate” to apostleship. Sometimes, we let our fears
about our abilities, our understanding of the faith, and our nervousness about being in front of
others get in our way – and we never allow ourselves to graduate!

One thing that any wise teacher will tell you is that they are always a student. They learn from you,
with you, and dig deeper to learn even more about their faith. Why not take the plunge this year
and consider becoming an apostle?

Two of our youth and two adults are already on their way to being great apostles. After
participating in VBS and helping others celebrate God’s goodness, Brady and Brett Noel have
volunteered to plan and lead the VBS program next summer. Crissy has volunteered to assist with
our Little Lambs. And Danielle, a Little Lamb teacher, is planning our Christmas pageant.
They have graduated. Why not consider joining them?

An Apostle who is always learning, Pastor Sue


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